Junior School.

We will incorporate all aspects of training into a successful path to becoming the best athlete possible. This is all possible through the talented and personable approach and most importantly the limited student to teacher ratio that we take very seriously.

The Junior Golf School’s approach is to teach students individually based upon their specific needs. There is a margin left for individual styles and preferences, as long as the laws of ball flight are being observed.

We are trained to identify each student’s individual needs in order to implement a plan for self-development. Having knowledge of the swing is a very important asset for an accomplished player to have. One of our goals is to teach the student to be their own best coach, be able to identify and diagnose their own game from very early stages.

  • Junior Private Lessons
  • $480
  • 4 Lesson Pak
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Junior Group Lessons
  • $220
  • 4 Lesson Pak
  • Maximum of 3:1 Ratio